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Name Type
Abolition 2000 resolution for municipalities policy Policy
Accounting for financial & development contributions Policy
Adopt a park/cemetery scheme policy Policy
Advertising on bus shelters policies Policy
Ageing Together Policy Policy
Akaroa Harbour Basin settlements study Plan
Akaroa Harbour water and wastewater planning Strategy
Alcohol Restrictions Bylaw 2009 Bylaw
Alcohol-related harm at public events policies Policy
Annual Plan 2008/9 Plan
Annual Plan 2009/8 Plan
Annual Plan 2010/11 Plan
Annual Plan 2011/12 Plan
Annual plan 2012/13 Plan
Annual Report 2006 Plan
Annual Report 2007 Plan
Annual Report 2008 Plan
Annual Report 2009 Plan
Annual Report 2010 Plan
Annual Report 2011 Plan
Annual Report 2012 Plan
Annual Report 2013 Plan
Annual Report 2014 Plan
Appointment and Remuneration of Directors policy Policy
Archaeological Discovery Protocol Policy
Arts Policy and Strategy Policy
Arts Policy and Strategy 2001 Strategy
Artworks in public places - operational procedures policy Policy
Artworks in Public Places Policy Policy
Authorised water supply installer scheme Policy
Banks Peninsula policies register Policy
Belfast area plan Plan
Biodiversity Strategy 2008 Strategy
Botanic Gardens Management Plan Plan
Bottle Lake Management Plan Plan
Brooklands Lagoon/ Te Riu O Te Aika Kawa Master Plan Plan
Brothels Bylaw 2013 Bylaw
Burial rights for returned services personnel Policy
Burnside Park Management Plan Plan
Bus passenger shelters and seats Policy
Bus stop location Policy
Bylaw reviews Bylaw
Capital Endowment Fund policy Policy
Cashmere Spur and Bowenvale Valley Management Plan Plan