Council, 1 July 2013.

Cemeteries Bylaw 2013 [PDF, 80 KB]


The purpose of this bylaw is to provide for the management of the Council’s cemeteries by allowing certain activities and conduct to take place in cemeteries subject to compliance with any conditions the Council adopts for its cemeteries.

This bylaw does not apply to any other cemetery, crematorium, burial ground or urupa that is under the control of another organisation.

Background and timeline

The initial resolution to make this bylaw was passed by the Christchurch City Council at a Meeting of the Council held on 6 December 2012 and was confirmed following consideration of submissions received during the special consultative procedure, by a resolution of the Council at a subsequent meeting of the Council held on 27 June 2013.


The following bylaws are revoked:

  • Christchurch City Bylaw No. 110 (1980) Cemeteries
  • Waimairi District Bylaw No.1 (1983) Cemeteries
  • Banks Peninsula District Council Cemeteries Bylaw 1996