Council, 22 August 2002.

Parks and Waterways Access Policy 2002 [PDF, 399 KB]

The Parks and Waterways Unit aims to overcome barriers to access to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy Christchurch’s parks and open spaces.

Improved access to parks and open space will increase equity as promoted by the City Council Policy on Equity and Access for People with Disabilities. Additionally, improved access has the potential to increase park use by enhancing comfort and convenience for all users and providing significant safety benefits.

The Parks and Waterways Access Policy provides for inclusive use of parks by people with disabilities and also takes into account older people and caregivers with young children.

Disabilities occur at all life stages and may be mild or major. There are a wide range of physical, sensory, psychiatric, and intellectual disabilities that result in differing needs of park users and all need to be considered when designing and managing parks and waterways. Christchurch City’s aging population is associated with an increased risk of disability and the Parks and Waterways Unit must plan and provide for a growing elderly population with a potentially wider range of needs.

Also caregivers with young children may find access to parks restricted by designs that do not accommodate pushchairs or are not suited to children.