The Main Road Master Plan supports the recovery between Ferrymead Bridge and Marriner Street, Sumner.

main road vision

McCormacks Bay collage

The Main Road corridor along the Ihutai / Avon–Heathcote Estuary and coastal margin between Ferrymead and Sumner suffered significant damage to infrastructure, community facilities and residential properties as a result of the earthquakes.

The vision is that the Main Road corridor is the thread that connects, and provides a common bond between, the discrete and distinct local communities of Christchurch’s eastern bays.

The process used to develop the Main Road Master Plan

Date Actions
April 2013
Project set up 
Earthquake impacts assessed, technical information gathered and key stakeholders identified.
June 2013
Research, information gathering 
Focus group sessions with key stakeholders and residents held. Community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities identified.
June 2013
Design & feasibility testing
Technical expert workshop held to combine and reconcile community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities.
June-September 2013
Prepare draft master plan 
Discussions with stakeholders continued as master plan was drafted. Endorsed by Community Board. Approved by Council for public notification.
October-November 2013
Public consultation held and 216 submissions received.
March-November 2014
Follow up investigations, revisions 
Submissions analysed. Further investigations as needed. Submissions heard. Amendments to draft master plan.
November 2014
Main Road Master Plan adopted by Council.
December 2014 →
Actions implemented by community and Council (capital projects delivered as funding made available).

Vision, goals and actions

The Main Road Master Plan contains a strategic vision which recognises the Main Road corridor’s connection, access, heritage, landscape, ecology, economic and community values.

The vision is supported by nine goals, which are to be delivered through twenty-five detailed implementation actions. These encourage Council, private sector, community and government-led decision-making to align and move forward together in a logical sequence.

The vision, goals and actions are described in detail in sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Main Road Master Plan [PDF, 4 MB].

Redcliffs action area

Redcliffs action area


Implementation progress

mt pleasant community centre

The new Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre at McCormacks Bay.

Key successes to date include:

  • The rebuild of the Redcliffs New World supermarket.
  • Rebuild of Mt Pleasant Memorial Community Centre.
  • Rebuild of the Redcliffs Village Library.
  • Route security and rock fall remediation work completed at Peacocks Gallop and Moa Bone Cave Point.
  • Mt Pleasant intersection and other roading repairs/enhancements through the SCIRT programme.
  • Completion of several segments of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway.
  • Rebuild/repairs to the Mt Pleasant Yacht Club facility.
  • Formation of a Response and Resilience Team for Redcliffs.
  • Development of an informal business association by local business and land owners.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 32 in the Main Road Master Plan [PDF, 4 MB].

Current projects

Projects currently underway include:

  • Design for an upgrade to the Main Road and Beachville Road intersection at Redcliffs Park to enable the Redcliffs school re-establishment
  • An options report to the Community Board for the future of Penfold’s Cob Cottage.
  • Design and consultation for a reconfiguration and improvements to Scott Park.
  • Development of the segment of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway, from Shag Rock/Rapanui to Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club.
  • Community engagement on streetscape improvements at both Redcliffs Village and McCormacks Bay, although delivery is now programmed to commence in 2021 following funding decisions on the 2018-28 Long Term Plan.
  • Implementation of remaining master plan capital projects will be considered as part of future Annual and Long Term planning processes.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 32 in the Main Road Master Plan [PDF, 4 MB].