Application information and documents for resource consent applications of public interest.

Two resource consent applications have been issued to allow for development in the North Halswell District Centre

20 Monsaraz Boulevard

On 24 December 2019, the Council issued a resource consent to Spreydon Lodge Limited to develop 20 Monsaraz Boulevard for a High Street development with a total floor area of 9671m² gross floor area (GFA).

This comprises an anchor tenant of 4223m², 13 food and beverage tenancies (totalling 1600m²) and 40 retail tenancies (totalling 3946m²).

Monsaraz Boulevard site plan [PDF, 2 MB].(external link)

201 Halswell Road

On 7 September 2021, a resource consent was issued to Woolworths NZ Ltd by the Environment Court to subdivide and develop 201 Halswell Road for a residential and commercial mixed-use development of land.

This includes an expanded commercial area with a retail floor space (5155m2 GFA including a supermarket of 3500m²), community activities (1570m² GFA: medical centre and childcare centre), and a cinema  (640m² GFA).

Halswell Road site plan [PDF, 2.5 MB].

On 16 August 2022, Christchurch City Council approved the variation to the existing consent relating to an intensive farming activity at Kaituna Valley on Banks Peninsula. The decision was made by two independent commissioners.

On 13 August 2021, the Council issued a resource consent to Wongan Hills Limited to undertake intensive farming, including the construction of two composting cattle feed barns and other ancillary sheds/structures at 297 Kaituna Valley Road, Kaituna Valley.

The proposed variation seeks to provide for the establishment of four composting feed barns on the site, rather than the two previously consented.

The applicant, therefore, seeks to change Condition 1 and Condition 2 to provide for the amended plans, as attached below:

For further information, we have compiled some frequently asked questions [PDF, 8 KB] or you can visit Environment Canterbury(external link)

Braeburn Property Limited (the landowner) has now lodged a resource consent application for industrial activity at Portlink.

The application seeks to subdivide land to create a wider esplanade reserve for the Heathcote River, and land use consent for:

  • A sealed hard-surface area and fencing within the Landscape and Stormwater Area (Green Space) shown in the District Plan on the Port-link Industrial Park Outline Development Plan.
  • Use of the sealed area within the Landscape and Stormwater Area (Green Space) for activities permitted in the Industrial General Zone (Port-link Industrial Park). 
  • Building height exceeding 11 metres within the 11-metre building height restriction area shown on the Port-link Industrial Park Outline Development Plan.
  • Earthworks, fencing and industrial activities within a water body setback.
  • Earthworks within a Flood Management Area.

The application will be assessed by Council planners and other Council experts to determine whether any further information is required to assess the application.

Once all relevant information is received, and prior to any decision on whether the application will be approved or declined, a decision will be made by an Independent Commissioner on whether the application will be notified, meaning whether anyone has the opportunity to be a submitter in support or opposition to the application (for example neighbours).

This webpage will be updated as required.

The application report was updated on the 7 December 2022. This includes revision to address the following changes:

  • Updated landscaping plans attached in appendix 3;
  • The addition of a waterway setback non-compliance (earthworks) along the northern boundary for a bund and an ODP Green Space encroachment adjacent to a southwest bund.

The original application has been deleted from this website.

Download a copy of the amended application. [PDF, 30 MB]

If there are any queries on the resource consent application please contact Paul Lowe, Manager Resource Consents  at