The Council's Development Contributions Rebate Policy provides for development contributions rebates for certain types of development.

The Council has three development contributions rebate schemes available to promote development that benefits the wider community:

  • Residential development in the central city
  • Smaller residential development
  • Social housing development

Central city residential rebate

This rebate scheme seeks to encourage developers to build more homes within the Four Avenues. 

The Council wants to intensify residential activity in the central city, which will help promote a vibrant, prosperous city centre.  

The rebate is for 100% of the development contributions that would otherwise apply.

Your development will be eligible for the rebate if it meets the Central City Development Contributions Rebate Criteria [PDF, 189 KB]. From 1 July 2020 the criteria requires the developer to register a covenant on the title of the development to qualify for a rebate. The covenant restricts the use of all homes for which a rebate is provided to be used for residential purposes only. 

You do not need to apply for a rebate. The Council will advise you if your development qualifies for a rebate.

If you believe your development qualifies for a rebate and you haven't been advised of this please contact the Council's development contributions team and have them check for you. Our email address is:

Small residential unit rebate

This rebate scheme seeks to support the development of small stand-alone residential units throughout the Christchurch City district and is particularly aimed at family flat developments. 

Under the Council's Development Contributions Policy residential units with a gross floor area less than 100m2 receive an adjustment to the development contributions required. This rebate provides a further reduction in development contributions required for developments with a gross floor area less than 60m2.

Your development may be eligible for the rebate if it meets the Small Residential Units Development Contributions Rebate Criteria [PDF, 134 KB].

Social housing rebate

This rebate scheme supports the development of new social housing by qualifying community trust organisations. The Council is looking to support further community development of social housing that meets the needs of specific sectors of the community.

The rebate is for 100% of development contributions required for qualifying developments.

The rebate needs to be applied for and the applicant will need to provide evidence of it meeting the criteria of the scheme. Scheme criteria [PDF, 205 KB]