City Council fees and charges for Development Contributions for 2018/2019.

  • Fees and charges set under section 150 and in accordance with section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002
  • Set under the Special Consultative Procedure
  • G.S.T. inclusive (15%)

Please note, Council does not accept payment by credit card for Development Contributions.

Development Contributions

Item Fee
1. Estimates (set under section 12 of Local Government Act)  
Requests for estimates of development contributions where no building consent, resource consent, subdivision consent or service connection has been applied for.  
Estimate of development contributions (Fixed fee) $95.00
Objections under section 199C of the Local Government Act 2002 to development contribution assessments.
The time taken to process an objection will be charged at the relevant scheduled hourly rate, plus the actual cost of the commissioner(s) and disbursements. Time will be charged at the hourly rate applicable at the time the work was carried out.
If the cost of processing exceeds the Deposit an invoice will be sent for the additional processing fees.  Alternatively, the balance of the deposit will be refunded if it is not required for processing.
Deposit required before processing of the objection will commence $1,000.00
Development contributions commissioners Actual cost 
Secretarial costs (hourly rate) $100.00
Administrative costs - Development Contributions Assessors (hourly rate) $150.00
Administrative costs - Team Leader/Manager level (hourly rate) $200.00
Disbursements Actual cost 

Debt Recovery

Where the Council has issued an invoice for the payment of any fee or charge and the amount invoiced has not been paid by the stated due date on the invoice, the Council may commence debt recovery action. The Council reserves the right to charge interest, payable from the date the debt became due, and recover costs incurred in pursuing recovery of the debt on a solicitor/client basis as outlined in the Fees and Charges Schedule of the Council's Long Term Plan.