Development contributions

Every new residential or commercial development places demands on the city’s resources and services such as the transport network, water supply, libraries and parks.

A development contribution is a contribution from developers of cash, or in some cases land, towards funding the extra demand for reserves, network and community infrastructure created by growth.

About development contributions

New residential and commercial developments make demands on the City's resources and services such as the transport network, water supply and parks.

Development contributions policy

To help fund community facilities, the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) allows a council to require development contributions if the effect of a development requires the council to provide new or upgraded infrastructure.

Development contributions assessments and charges

The amount you have to pay depends on the property's location, and how many household equivalent units (HUEs) of demand your development project may add.

Development contributions rebate schemes

The Council has four development contributions rebate schemes to promote development that benefits the wider community.

Estimate of development contributions required

You can get an estimate of your development contributions from us or use our Development Contributions estimator.

Reconsideration or objection to assessment

Process for the reconsideration of a development contribution assessment.

Development contributions catchment maps

The Council uses catchments to assign contributions for neighbourhood parks, stormwater and flood protection, and transport.