As-Built Survey and Data Requirements

IDS part 12 details the technical requirements for the as-built horizontal infrastructure.

Use the Christchurch City Council IDS as-built template (CAT) to deliver electronic asset data to council, complying with the standards specified in the Christchurch City Council’s

IDS part 12 as-builts [PDF, 1.3 MB] and the supporting Survey as-built guideline (SAG) [PDF, 4.8 MB] and appendices:

A - Work Flow Chart for Survey As-Built

B - Design Drawing Examples

C - Points, Lines and Outlines Examples

Appendices D – H as-built requirements [PDF, 4.3 MB] for:

D - Gravity Wastewater

E - Gravity Stormwater Systems

F - Wastewater Pressure System

G - Water Supply

H - Vacuum Wastewater System

Council as-built template (CAT) - Reticulation [XLSX, 92 KB]   

Appendix I As-Built Requirements [PDF, 1.3 MB] for:

- Pump Stations 

Council as-built template (CAT) - Stations [XLSX, 117 KB]

Appendices J – P As-Built Requirements [PDF, 3.6 MB] for:

J - Green Assets

K - Parks Furniture

L - Parks Hard Surfaces

M - Parks Play Assets

N - Parks Structures

O - Parks Sports Assets

P - Parks Utilities

Council as-built template (CAT) - Parks  [XLSX, 206 KB]

Examples of completed templates (CAT)