Infrastructure Design Standards (IDS)

The Infrastructure Design Standard (IDS) applies to the creation or enhancement of infrastructural assets in Christchurch City.

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Surveyors, engineers and contractors involved in the design and construction of Council funded assets and assets created through subdivision should be familiar with this document.

The IDS will be regularly reviewed to ensure it provides the best design solution for Christchurch City Council assets. There will be two levels of review:

  • The annual review will address amendments driven by changes in policy, changes in approved material specifications or revision of reference documents.
  • The comprehensive review of the entire content of the IDS will be carried out at five yearly intervals.

These reviews will be carried out in accordance with the IDS Review Procedure held by the Council.

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Download the IDS

Download the Infrastructure Design Standards (IDS)

Pumping station design specifications

Technical requirements for the design and construction, repair or renewal of Christchurch City’s wastewater pumping stations.

Guidance for the selection of water supply pipes

Selecting appropriate pipe and joint material using site investigations data for brownfield sites.

Water Supply Design Specifications

Technical requirements for the design, construction, repair or renewal of water supply treatment, pumping station and reservoir systems.

As-built requirements

The technical requirements for as-built horizontal infrastructure.

RAMM and Costing Requirements

Technical requirements for the provision of as-built RAMM and costing data

Waterways, wetlands and drainage design

Technical requirements for the design of waterways, wetlands, stormwater pipes and other structures.

Odour and corrosion management design guide

A design guideline for managing hydrogen sulfide and odours from wastewater systems.

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