This details the technical requirements for the design and construction, repair or renewal of Christchurch City’s wastewater and stormwater pumping stations.

This Sewage Pumping Station Design Specification [PDF, 4.3 MB](SPSDS) covers all types of sewage pump stations that are owned and operated by, or on behalf of, Council. It also explains the process required to transfer the asset to Council.

The Pro-forma Generic Electrical and Automation Specification [DOC, 685 KB]and the Pumping Station O&M Manual (OMM) Template [DOC, 735 KB] draft can be used to prepare pumping station designs, along with the CWW Tagging Convention [DOC, 1.5 MB]. Typical pump station electrical drawings are available from Council.


Private pumped sewage systems

Pumped sewage systems that are owned and maintained by the property owner are covered by Requirements for Individual Private Sewage Pumping Stations [PDF, 369 KB].

Lift stations

The SPSDS document doesn’t address the detailed design of lift stations. Refer to the Lift Station Design Specification, available from Council.