Authorised drainlayers need to be suitably experienced individual workers who have relevant experience and skills.

To become authorised by Christchurch City Council, drainlayers need to provide evidence to Council that they have:

  • Experience in laying drainage pipes in accordance with industry best practice, and are familiar with Council standards and specifications
  • Completed confined spaces and traffic management training
  • Health and safety systems in place
  • Quality assurance systems in place
  • Public liability insurance cover
  • The resources to carry out the work quickly and efficiently
  • Agree to be bound by the terms and conditions [PDF, 49 KB] set out for the scheme.

Apply to be an authorised drainlayer

  • Download the relevant application form:
  • Non-refundable application fee can be paid at any Council Service Desk or over the phone by calling 03 941 8999.
  • Send or email the application, including all required documentation (as outlined on the application form) to:
    Post: Authorised Drainlayers, City Services, Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73014, Christchurch, 8154

On-site technical assessments are required to ensure that the applicant has the necessary experience, technical skills and resources to carry out authorised work in accordance with Council regulations and standards. The applicant will be contacted by the Council assessor to arrange the assessments.

Approval will be given in writing only and is only awarded to the individual and not to commercial entities. It is not transferable and can be withdrawn by the Council upon non-compliance with the rules as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that due to a large number of applications and the associated on-site assessments, the current turnaround time is a minimum of 4 months. 

Enquiries about the scheme can be made by phoning Council on 03 941 8999.

Certifying drainlayers

Certifying drainlayers are not Council-authorised drainlayers.  

A certifying drainlayer is registered under the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006. This defines a drain as 'a pipe or series of pipes constructed or laid for the conveyance of foulwater, stormwater or industrial liquid waste', but 'does not include a pipe or series of pipes that is vested in or under the control of or maintained by a local authority'.

A certifying drainlayer is registered for laying privately-owned drains on private property, whereas a Christchurch City Council authorised drainlayer is approved for working on Council-owned and maintained assets including future assets to be vested in Council ownership.