City Council fees and charges for cemeteries for 2022/2023.

Pay a cemetery bill (by credit card only)

  • Cemetery fees as of 1 July 2022, including GST (15%).
  • Burial, disinterment, and plot purchase fees must be paid in full prior to any burial or disinterment, taking place.
  • The Council does not offer any payment plans.
  • No interments will be scheduled without the prior approval of the Council. 
Plot purchases Fee
Full-size plot $1787.00
Ash plot $515.60
Child plot $844.00
Burial (9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday) Fee
Stillborn $198.00
Infant to 12 months old $453.30
Child to 6 years old (single depth interment only) $745.00
7 years old and over $1198.60
Ash interment $239.70
Green burial $2524.00 or actual costs if greater
Additional  Fee
Burial –  Saturday (9am to 12.30pm) and public holidays $730.00
Ash interment – attended by sexton on Saturday or a public holiday $219.00
Burials continuing after 4pm Monday to Friday or after 1pm Saturday  $312.40
Less than 8 working hours' notice $297.00
Use of a lowering device $119.80
Muslim boards $344.00
Disinterment Fee
Adult casket  $1615.00 or actual costs if greater
Child casket $1208.00 or actual costs if greater
Ash $396.00
Memorial work Fee
New headstone or plaque $75.00
Additional lettering $32.20
Renovating work $42.60
Administration Fee
Supply of written information $69.80 per hour
Transfer of Right of Burial $69.80