Permission and payment information for interments.

Apply for burial or interment

Applications need to be received with no fewer than one working day's notice (Monday to Friday) for Christchurch City cemeteries and no fewer than two working days' notice for Banks Peninsula cemeteries.


Contact us

The Cemeteries Team can be contacted by emailing or phoning 03 941 8646 between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours please call the Contact Centre on 03 941 8999.

Please contact the Cemeteries Team if you have submitted an online application for interment and have not heard back from us.

Permission and payment for the burial taking place must be obtained from the Cemeteries Administrator by completing this Application for Interment form [PDF, 209 KB].

Interments occur on the hour and at 30 minutes past the hour from Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm, and Saturday between 9am and 1pm. The Cemeteries Administrator or Sexton must be notified of any time changes.

Interments can take place on a weekend or public holiday with prior approval of the Urban Parks Team Leader, additional fees apply. No interments are scheduled on Christmas Day, Good Friday or Anzac Day. Where public holidays fall on a Sunday and are observed on a Tuesday, interments can occur between 9am and 1pm, at the discretion of the Cemeteries Administrator.

Māori burials

The Council recognises and provides for, the spiritual and cultural values of Māori regarding the departure of mate (dead people).  

This includes the choice to select a plot of significance to them, such as having the headstone face north, the availability of water at the cemetery, the opportunity for Māori to fill in the grave, and having a ceremony to unveil the headstone if desired.

Green burials

Green burial has a low environmental impact, including the body not being treated with chemicals or oils to prevent or slow down the decay of the body by bacteria. 

Green burials are possible in any of our cemeteries and are subject to the same monument rules that apply to other burials in the particular cemetery.

Christchurch City Council has two cemeteries for green burials with plantings.

Diamond Harbour Memorial Gardens

Available for the interment of Diamond Harbour residents only. 

Green burial plots cannot be pre-purchased. Plots are allocated, in sequence, at the time of burial.

Yaldhurst Cemetery

Green burial plots can be pre-purchased by way of an allocation and not a specific plot. Plots are then allocated, in sequence, at the time of burial. 

Green burial plots are planted but set out so long-term access to each plot will be possible. Permanent individual memorials, monuments or markers are not permitted on these green burial plots.

A planting ceremony, with plants provided by the Council, will occur in autumn each year, where friends and relatives are invited to participate in the ceremony and join in the planting.

Burials at sea

For burial at sea contact a Funeral Director who can organise the necessary application.


A body interred in a shroud must be placed on a board for interment.  

The body is to be firmly fastened to the base to prevent movement of the body when transferring and lowering.

Service areas (RSA)

Ex-Service Personnel who have had war service or service that is defined as equivalent to war service, and their spouses or partners, may be buried in a Service area.

Grave preparation

Only an approved Council Contractor or a person authorised by the Council is permitted to dig a grave for the burial of human remains, or ashes of human remains, in a Council Cemetery.

Gravesite and plot filling

You can request to fill a grave, please discuss with your Funeral Director or the Cemeteries Administrator.  

Conditions apply.

Subsequent interments

Where a second or subsequent interment takes place, and the grave has a concrete cover or surround, only an approved Council Contractor is permitted to break the concrete. The Cemeteries Administrator can provide a list of approved Contractors.

Any costs involved in breaking and reinstating the concrete are the responsibility of the owner of the grave and must comply with all the monumental specifications for that cemetery.  

Ash interments are managed the same way as a casket interment.


Any requests to disinter either a body or ashes must be made in the first instance to a Funeral Director, who will apply for the disinterment.