Ferry Road Master Plan

Woolston vision

An artist's concept of Woolston looking north along Heathcote Street from the river.

Ferry Road is an important arterial that connects the city to the sea and performs several key transportation functions for the whole city. It links the city’s seaside suburbs and port with the Central City and provides services to a number of communities along its route.

Its recovery is closely connected to the long-term prosperity of the city. Ferry Road includes several commercial centres along its route, namely Ferrymead, Woolston Village, Phillipstown and Charleston.

Date Actions
August 2011
Project set up 
Earthquake impacts assessed, technical information gathered and key stakeholders identified.
October 2011
Research, information gathering 
Focus group sessions with key stakeholders and residents held. Community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities identified.
November 2011
Design & feasibility testing
Technical expert workshops held to combine and reconcile community’s values, needs, aspirations and priorities.
December 2011-November 2012
Prepare draft master plan 
Master plan drafted. Endorsed by Community Board. Approved by Council for public notification.
January-February 2013
Public consultation held and submissions received.
May-June 2013
Follow up investigations, revisions 
Submissions analysed. Further investigations as needed and focus group sessions and community workshops held. Amendments to draft master plan.
May 2014
Ferry Road Master Plan adopted by Council.
June 2014 onwards
Actions implemented by community and Council (capital projects delivered as funding made available).

The Ferry Road Master Plan [PDF, 4.7 MB] contains a strategic vision for Ferry Road to recover from earthquake impacts, to become a safe and pleasant movement corridor connecting city and sea, linking resilient and vibrant commercial centres.

This vision is supported by 26 goals, which are to be delivered through 24 detailed implementation actions. These encourage Council, private sector, community and government-led decision-making to align and move forward together in a logical sequence.

The vision, goals and actions are described in detail in sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Ferry Road Master Plan [PDF, 4.7 MB]

Woolston Action Area

Action areas along the corridor.

Key successes to date include:

  • Recovery-supportive District Plan amendments that have been made operative. These include:
    • Reviewed function of the isolated Business 1 (Local Centre) – zoned areas at Phillipstown/Charleston and Business 4 (Suburban Industrial) areas serving a commercial function.
    • Reduced on-site car parking requirements for activities in neighbourhood centres and which meet certain qualifications (e.g. access to public transport and major cycle routes)
    • Updated minimum floor levels in flood management areas
    • Controls on impervious surfacing in the setbacks from rivers.
  • Completion of WL7 Woolston Community Library and Council carpark improvements.
  • The safety/crossing improvements at Ferry Road/Smith Street, to improve access to Te Waka Unua School and Woolston Park, were completed in mid-2019.
  • A number of private sector developments have also been completed along the corridor, enabling community access to goods and services once again.
  • The Ferry Road upgrade through Woolston Village (project reference WL1) has been completed, except for the gateway enhancements (delayed by the Covid lockdown).
  • Landscape improvements to Connal Reserve have been completed.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 35 in the Ferry Road Master Plan [PDF, 4.7 MB].

Artist’s impression of street upgrade, looking towards the new library

Artist’s impression of street upgrade, looking towards the new Woolston Community Library

  • After a delay caused by the Covid Lockdown, staff are working towards installation of the Wooleston gateway enhancements by mid-November 2021.
  • The Major Cycleway Rapanui Shagrock Section 3 / Tidal View Scheme (project reference FM3 and FM4) is progressing following a successful ‘Shovel Ready’ funding bid. The detailed design is complete, the required Resource Consent applications have been lodged and construction is expected to start in January 2022.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 35 in the Ferry Road Master Plan [PDF, 4.7 MB].