City Council fees and charges for Regulatory Compliance Licensing and Registration services for 2022/2023.

  • Fees and charges set under section 150 and in accordance with section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.
  • Set under the Special Consultative Procedure.
  • Fees set under the Annual Plan 2022/2023.
  • GST inclusive (15%).

Sale and supply of alcohol and gambling

Item Fee
1. Alcohol Licensing Fees  
These fees are not set by Council but by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013.  
(i)   Application for Premises  
cost/risk rating category - Very Low $368.00
cost/risk rating category - Low $609.50
cost/risk rating category - Medium $816.50
cost/risk rating category - High $1023.50
cost/risk rating category - Very High $1207.50
(ii) Annual Fee for Premises  
cost/risk rating category - Very Low $161.00
cost/risk rating category - Low $391.00
cost/risk rating category - Medium $632.50
cost/risk rating category - High $1035.00
cost/risk rating category - Very High $1437.50
 (iii) Special Licence  
 Class 1 $575.00 
 Class 2 $207.00
 Class 3 $63.25
(iv) Managers Certificates (application and renewals)  $316.25
(v) Other fees payable  
Temporary Authorities $296.70 
Temporary Licence $296.70
Permanent Club Charters $632.50
Extract from register $57.50
Public notice of applications for new alcohol licences administration fee $97.00

Premises Certificate of Compliance (Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act):

- Application A, existing licensed premises - change of business ownership (no other changes)

- Application B, never been licenced or changes to licence




2. Gambling  
Application fee under the Gambling & TAB Venue Policy $164.00

Environmental health

Item Fee
1. Environmental health recoveries  
(i)  Noise surveys Actual costs recovered 
(ii) Court/Legal recoveries Actual costs recovered 
(iii) Contaminated land / P-Lab / P-House testing Actual costs recovered 
(iv) Noisy alarm deactivations Actual costs recovered 
2. Offensive trades licences   
(i) Annual premise registration - New or renewed registration $271.00
(ii) Change of ownership $92.00
3. Noise making equipment seizure and storage  
(i) Staff time associated with managing equipment seizure $92.00
(ii) Storage of seized equipment $73.00
(iii) Noise contractor attendance (per unit) related to equipment seizure $51.00
Swimming pool compliance  
Compliance inspection fee (subsequent inspections after initial inspection) $133.00
Compliance inspection administration fee $46.00
Periodic inspection fee (s.222A, Building Act 2004) $133.00
Seizure of signage  
Impounding of non-compliant signage (made up of officer times, storage and administration) $92.00
Licences (Other)  
Amusement devices $11.50

Waste charges (cleanfill and waste handling)

Item Fee
Cleanfills and Waste Handling Operation Licence Application Fee $346.80
Cleanfills Annual Licence Fee (based on 4 monitoring inspections during the year). $2418.00
Waste Handling Operation, Annual Licence Fee $346.80
Cleanfills & Waste Handling Operation, Additional Monitoring Fee (during financial year) $120.90

Food Act 2014 fees and charges

Item Fee
Food Control Plans / National Programmes - New Application $430.00
Adding an additional site to an existing registration $97.00
Registration renewal Template Food Control Plan Food Act 2014 $367.00
Registration renewal Template Food Control Plan Food Act 2014, 2 or more premises operating under the same Food Control Plan and owner $367.00

National programmes

Item Fee
National Programme - Renewal fee (2 years) $370.00
National Programme - Renewal fee (2 years) 2 or more premises operating under same programme same owner $370.00

Inspection / Audit / Verification fees

Item Fee
Standard verification fee for template food control plan or compliance investigation $525.00
Re-visit for compliance verifications  $320.00
Additional charge for officer time beyond standard verification hourly rate $175.00
Additional charge for mentoring fee associated with food control plan per hour $175.00
Additional charge for consulting / advisory activities for food safety not otherwise identified per hour $175.00
Copies of printed information and specialist service provision Actual costs recovered
Application for Exemption from Food Act 2014 (if available under delegated power to assess Section 33 Food Act 2014) $251.00
Penalty for late payment of Fees (Section 215 Food Act 2014) 10%
Cancelling an audit within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time of the audit / no person available for the audit $96.60

Compliance / Enforcement


Issue of improvement notice including development of the notice or direction by a food safety officer per notice $175.00
Additional charge if issue of improvement notice or direction if exceeds first hour $175.00
Standard Food Safety Officer inspection fee due to non-compliance $525.00
Application for review of issue of improvement notice $175.00
Additional charge if an application for review of issue of improvement notice exceeds first hour per hour $175.00

Other premises requiring health licensing registration annual fee

Item Fee
HAR (Hairdressers) $240.00
FND (Funeral Directors) $396.00
FND (Funeral Directors - no mortuary, registration only) $229.00
CMP (Camping Grounds) $417.00

General fees

Item Fee
Change of Ownership of Hairdresser, Funeral Director, Campground registered premises $115.00
Change of Ownership Food Act 2014 registered premises (conditions apply) $150.00
Late payment of Food Premises Registration and FCP verification fees additional 10%