If you demolish a building on your property, we can update its rating valuation and reduce your rates charges. However, you need to let us know when your demolition has been completed.

Reassessing your rates during the year

Whenever a property is subdivided, built on, or demolished, we must inspect it, amend its rating valuation, and record the changes in our rating database.  This process can take up to six weeks.

A valuer from Quotable Value (QV) will inspect the property and assess its new rating valuation.  QV will send you a valuation notice and we will send you an updated Rates Assessment to reflect the new valuation.  If you disagree with the amended valuation, you should lodge an objection in writing within 20 working days.  Please call QV on 0800-787-284 or visit the QV website(external link) for more information.

Under temporary earthquake legislation, we can adjust your rates from the month after the new valuation being recorded in our database.

This earthquake legislation will expire on 30 June 2018, after which we will only be able to adjust rates to reflect subdivision, new building, or demolition from the following 1 July (in the same way as all other local authorities).

Let us know if your building is demolished

We can monitor subdivisions and new building through our consenting systems, but we have no way of knowing when your demolition has been completed.  If you have demolished a building, please tell us as quickly as possible once it's been done so we can update our systems as quickly as possible.  

We are not allowed to back-date your rates adjustment if there has been a delay between the demolition being completed and our systems being updated.

Please contact us by phone on 941 8999 (or 0800 800 169 for Banks Peninsula), or by email at ratesvaluation@ccc.govt.nz