It is your responsibility to ensure that the full amount of your rates are paid as they fall due. If your rates are overdue, check through your options on this page and phone us on (03) 941 8999 to resolve.

Payment of overdue rates is applied to the oldest outstanding amount and not the instalment currently due.

We can discuss options of paying your overdue rates off over a period of time. We can also discuss other options to reduce your rates bill such as rates remissions.

If a suitable arrangement cannot be made to pay the arrears Council will consider other means to collect the outstanding debt. This can include contacting the mortgage holder, or other debt collection methods.

Current rates penalties

A charge of seven per cent will be applied to any portion of the current instalment not paid on or before the due date shown.

Rate arrears penalties

Continuing additional charges of seven per cent are added on 1 October and 1 April each year to the amount of rates and additional charges that remain from previous rating years.

Penalty remissions

The Council acknowledges that the occasional lapse is possible. It is with this in mind that the Council is willing to waive one penalty every two years for residential and business properties.

To apply for a penalty to be waived you can either download the remission form [PDF, 18 KB] enter your details and post it to us, or visit one of our Service Centres(external link) to complete a form.

You must pay any outstanding rates before the penalty will be waived.