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Subdivision bulletins

This regular subdivision bulletin outlines the latest information concerning requirements, planning and specifications for subdividing land in Christchurch.

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Bulletin Date Contents
Bulletin 27 [PDF, 71 KB] February 2016 Wastewater Capacity Certificates 
Bulletin 26 [PDF, 72 KB] Sep 2014 Quality check procedures for as-built CCTV inspections
Bulletin 25 superseded by IDS, CSS Earthquake related approved materials list, IDS and CSS updates
Bulletin 24 [PDF, 16 KB] superseded by IDS 2014 I.D.S Wastewater Drainage, Clause 6.5.5 Minimum Gradients - An Interim Solution
Bulletin 23.2 [PDF, 152 KB] May 2013

Geotechnical Assessment to satisfy Section 106 RMA matters

Bulletin 22 [PDF, 104 KB] Oct 2009 Proposed easements over land that will vest in Council as Reserve
Bulletin 21 [PDF, 197 KB] Aug 2009 The Interim Global Stormwater Consent (with FlowCharts and Checksheets)
Bulletin 20 [PDF, 598 KB] July 2009 Removal of trees protected as a condition of subdivision consent
Bulletin 19 [PDF, 32 KB] Aug 2008 Authorisation for Utilities and Reticulation on Subdivision and Development
Bulletin 18 [PDF, 41 KB] Apr 2008 Updates and Incorporates SB7, SB13 and SB17
Bulletin 17 [PDF, 29 KB] superseded by IDS 2010 Infrastructure Design Standard
Bulletin 16 [PDF, 129 KB] Sep 2007 Surface Water Management (Discharge Consent Compliance)
Bulletin 15 [PDF, 40 KB] Jun 2007 Subdivision Consent Application Plans and Documents, Water Supply Pipeline Installation
Bulletin 14 [PDF, 19 KB] superseded by #22 Reserves Act 1977 - Easement Requirements in Relation to Subdivisions
Bulletin 13 [PDF, 31 KB] superseded by #18 Private Access Certification Update
Bulletin 12 [PDF, 26 KB] Oct 2006 Vehicle Crossing Requirements
Bulletin 11 [PDF, 43 KB] Oct 2006 Digital Photographic Requirements, Protected Trees
Bulletin 10 [PDF, 68 KB] Jul 2006 Water Supply Meters
Bulletin 9 [PDF, 26 KB] superseded by IDS Pipe Sizing, Ownership & Approval
Bulletin 8 [PDF, 26 KB] superseded by IDS 2010 Change to Fire Fighting Requirements for Developments - Level Information Required on Applications
Bulletin 7 [PDF, 56 KB] superseded by #18 Private Access Certification
Bulletin 6 [PDF, 22 KB] superseded by CSS and #26 CCTV Inspection of Pipelines
September 2005 [PDF, 24 KB] superseded by CSS, IDS and #6 CCTV Inspection and As-Built Levels for Sewer Manholes