Download the current version of the Construction Standard Specifications (CSS).

The CSS is now available online only. Hard copies of the CSS are no longer available for purchase from Christchurch City Council. The current version of CSS is dated 2019 and the print date is 2 October 2020.

Use of the CSS documents

These specifications set out the Christchurch City Council technical requirements for the construction of land and asset developments undertaken both on behalf of Christchurch City Council or that are intended to be taken over or maintained by Christchurch City Council.

The Infrastructure Design Standards set out the technical requirements for the design of land and asset developments. As such, there is a degree of interrelatedness between these two documents and they should be read in conjunction with each other.

While all possible care and effort has been taken in the development of the CSS, these documents relate to situations, practices and procedures that are likely to change.

Christchurch City Council accepts no responsibility for failure in any way related to the application of these standards. They should not be deemed as providing either the formal or the only answers to any particular situation or set of circumstances. Therefore, they need to be considered and applied with due care and forethought and should not be relied on in isolation from other sources of advice and information.

Controlled document

These specifications are controlled documents. Please submit a change request if you believe the current content needs updating(external link).

Or find out more about this process.(external link)

Superseded versions

These online documents are kept up to date with amendments recorded in the CSS Amendment Register as they occur.

The latest online issue of the document is dated November 2019. The following sections are now superseded and are only relevant if specifically referenced in the project's design report.