Guidance on applying for building consent with us, and how to change or withdraw your building consent application after you've submitted it.

Apply for building consent

Apply for your Building Consent online

Alternatively you can download and complete an application for a building consent (Form B-002) [Doc 713KB or PDF 705KB] and provide information that is relevant to your building project. We provide downloadable checksheets which will help you complete the application form.

You can also pick up an application form from any Council service centre, or we can post one to you if you call us on (03) 941 8999.

If you are not familiar with building plans and compliance with the building code, we recommend you engage an experienced professional to supply the required drawings and information, and to apply for a building consent on your behalf.

Where to send a building consent application

Online: applying online will save you the cost of scanning fees, allow you to track your building consent application and will reduce application processing time. Visit Online Services for further information.

Post: post your application to us at Consenting & Compliance Group, PO Box 73013, Christchurch 8154. 

Drop off: deliver your application to the Council office at 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

What you need to provide with your building consent application

Include the following information:

  • Application for a building consent (Form B-002) [Doc 713KB or PDF 705KB].
  • The relevant check sheets for specific projects.
  • Proof of ownership - a current copy of the certificate of title (less than six months old).
  • All applicable plans, specifications and supporting documents as detailed on the relevant check sheet, demonstrating how the work will comply with the building code.
  • Any issued project information memoranda (PIMs) or resource consents.

If your application is for an alteration to an existing building, you need to provide analysis of:

  • How the building provides for escape from fire
  • How the building provides access and facilities for people with disabilities (where this is a requirement)
  • How the building will comply with other provisions of the building code at least as much as it did before the work
  • Proposal for upgrade of the building for the above matters (unless it already fully complies) including a list of benefits and sacrifices (e.g. pros and cons) involved in the proposals.

If your application is for a commercial project, you need to include a list of any and all specified systems in the building and provide their inspection, maintenance and reporting requirements. More information can be found on the Compliance Schedule page.

Pre-acceptance technical check

Providing a high standard of documentation is the best way to get approval for your consent. All applications will be checked for completeness prior to acceptance. Make sure that you have compiled your documents carefully to avoid delays in accepting your application.

Please note: if your application is incomplete it will not be accepted and the statutory processing timeframe will not start until the missing information has been provided and resubmitted.

If you are unable to provide the information for a complete application we will send a non-acceptance letter to you. This will include details of the information required to submit a complete application. You can resubmit a complete application any time. All applications will include a fee for the time spent assessing the application regardless of an accept or not accept decision.

Fees and charges

Fees vary for building consent applications depending on the type of project. Refer to the Building Consents Fee Schedule

How is my application processed?

Statutory clock

Once your application is accepted the statutory timeframe, or clock of 20 working days for processing your application begins. We make a decision on your building consent within 20 working days.

The clock is reduced to 10 working days if the building that you are proposing has a MultiProof approval. See the MBIE website for information on the MultiProof service that is available to builders proposing standardised building designs.

Request for further information and the statutory clock

During processing of your application, the clock stops if we have to ask you for further information. Please respond quickly with accurate information. Once the full information is provided the clock will be started again.

Verifying your application against compliance with the building code

We process your application to verify that if your project is constructed in accordance with your building consent application, it will be considered compliant with the Building code.

Granting and issuing your building consent

The date your building consent is granted is the date your building consent was approved pending payment of all fees due by you before it can be issued. Your building consent is not released until all outstanding fees have been paid.

The date your building consent is issued is the date your building consent was approved and all outstanding fees due by you have been fully paid.

Receiving your building consent

  • You can choose to receive the building consent (Form 5) electronically.
  • You can pick up a CD or we can post a CD to you.
  • You can obtain a paper copy of your building consent from the Civic Offices, 53 Hereford St, Christchurch or a Council service centre (for an additional fee).