A project information memoranda (PIM) is a report issued by the Council on customer’s request only, under Section 31 of the Building Act 2004 in relation to a property and a building project.

The purpose of a PIM

Since 2010, PIMs are no longer mandatory. The purpose of a PIM is to summarise the property information known to the Territorial Authority relevant to a building project. It is intended to assist the designer at design stage.

Although you can apply for a PIM at the same time as a building consent, it's better to do so beforehand, so you know all the matters that may affect your project before you submit a building application.

You can apply for a PIM using our recommended method Online Services(external link).

What information does a PIM contain?

A PIM must include information related to the property that could impact the project as below:

Authorisations Drainage Land information
  • Requirement to apply for a Building Consent.
  • Requirement to obtain a Resource Consent if the proposal does not comply with the District Plan and/or the Resource Management Act.
  • Requirement to obtain other authorisation from other Acts (e.g. food hygiene licences, alcohol licences).
  • Requirement to obtain an evacuation scheme under the Fire Service Act 1975 and/or access for people with disabilities, where necessary.
  • Details relevant to the existing network utility connections (i.e. water, sewer, storm water) to the property or adjacent to the property.
  • Each special feature/condition of the ground (e.g. erosion, natural hazards, including flooding, risk of contamination).
  • Heritage status of the property.

Please note

The following relevant information and services are also available:

A PIM is not an approval to start work. Before you can start you will need a building consent.

How do I apply for a PIM?

To apply for a PIM only, fill in and sign the application form (Form B-002 as Doc [DOCX, 425 KB] or PDF [PDF, 257 KB] ) and submit it with: your plans, drawings, proof of ownership, and any supporting documentation listed on the PIM application check sheet (Form B-061 Doc [DOCX, 75 KB] or PDF [PDF, 86 KB]).

You can submit your application:

Please note: We recommend applying for a PIM using Online Services(external link). This will save you processing time and scanning fees. If you are applying for a combined PIM and building consent, see Applying for building consent instead.


Refer to the Regulatory and Property Information Fees Schedule.

The Council is currently required to issue a PIM within 20 working days. The statutory time limit begins once we have received all the documents required, and the deposit has been paid.

The cost of processing a PIM is time-based, so the final fee cannot be calculated in advance as it depends on a few variables: complexity of the project, the quality of the information etc.  If you apply online, you will receive an invoice for the deposit. Otherwise, the deposit for the application is payable when you lodge the application.

Please note: The Council will credit part of the deposit if the final balance of charges is less than the deposit paid and may also use discretion in refunding part of the deposit if the application is withdrawn very soon after application and significant processing has not taken place.


A Certificate Attached to Project Information Memorandum (Section 37) and a Development Contribution Notice (Section 36) will be included if necessary in this report. The Section 37 Certificate indicates any non-compliances under the planning rules and the Development Contribution Notice indicates the financial contributions that are required to be paid and the date payment is required.

Combined PIM/Building consent application

If you are applying for a combined PIM and Building Consent, please see Apply for building consent instead.

Withdrawing a PIM application

You can withdraw a PIM or consent application at any time. To withdraw an application, submit a Withdrawal Request  (Form B-014 Doc [DOCX, 373 KB] or PDF [PDF, 275 KB] ] online or drop it off at one of our Service centres(external link).