You can request a drainage plan from the Council which will show the pipelines and waterways on, or flowing from a property.

The Council can supply private drainage plans up to 1:500 scale, usually provided electronically and A4 size in printed or electronic format. A drainage plan might include:

  • Public and private sewer pipes
  • Public and private stormwater pipes
  • Open waterways that have been located on site and plotted or electronically recorded from field surveys

Water supply plans

You can also request a water supply plan – there is no charge for this. A service plan shows the water supply pipelines to a property’s water meter. The Council does not hold records on water supply pipe locations within private property boundaries.

Requesting a plan

You can request a private drainage plan by emailing, or by contacting us.

Requests made in person are processed immediately. Phone and fax requests are processed within 24 hours, and can either be sent to a service centre for you to pick up, or delivered by post or email.

Building over Council owned drains

If you are rebuilding a house or garage you must check your plans don’t involve building over a Council drain. Christchurch City Council has a Bylaw to protect waterworks and specifies the proximity of building work near drains – including public water, wastewater and stormwater pipes. This is so the Council and SCIRT can check, repair and replace drains quickly and efficiently.


Each drainage plan costs $12.80 including GST. The fee is payable by credit card when you order over the phone, by pre-paid coupon on a email request, or by cash, EFT-POS, credit card, or pre-paid coupon when you collect the plan.

You can purchase a book of 10 drainage plan coupons at any service centre for $128.00 including GST.