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Title Tags

Rates payment extension

Water connection

Building consent

Consent house licence license permit

Change wheelie bin size

downsize green organics recycling red Rubbish swap upsize Waste wheely yellow

Burial or interment

ash burial casket Cemetries headstones interment monuments

Dog ownership

animals register tags

Rec and sport centre membership

join pool

Work for the Council

cv employment work

Drainage plan


Official information request (LGOIMA)

1987 Act documents Government Local Meetings public records

Access a Council facility

keys park venue

Alcohol license

Consent drinking licence license permit serving

Appeal a dog infringement notice

Assisted wheelie bin collection

green organics recycling red Rubbish Waste wheely yellow

Boat ramp use

harbour jetty lake Recreation

Business improvement district grant funding

Change a building consent

house licence license permit

Change dog ownership

animals Dogs swap

Change of dog owner address

animals Dogs move

Change street number

Christchurch biodiversity funding

animals environment rivers

Christchurch civic award


Christchurch street and garden award


Code compliance certificate

Consent house licence license permit

Community Board small funding

Community organisation loan scheme


Community pride garden award


Community service award


Discretionary response funding

Dog classification objection

Dog education training session

animals teaching

Drone or remotely piloted aircraft flight permission

Consent control fly licence license park permit radio

Enliven places project funding

Event permit

Consent licence license

Events and festivals sponsorship funding

Extend or build park clubrooms or facilities


Film in the city

Consent licence license movie permit video

Food licence for fundraising and special organisations

charity Consent event licence license permit

Hawkers licence

Consent licence license market permit selling

Innovation and sustainability funding


Keep more than two dogs

animals Dogs multiple

Land information memorandum (LIM)

house LIM PIM zone

Manager's certificate

Consent licence license permit

Mayor's welfare funding

Move a dog into Christchurch

animals Dogs move

Move a dog out of New Zealand

New street number

Papanui-Innes edible garden award


Park, court or playing surface use


Project information memorandum (PIM)

house LIM zone

Property files

Psychoactive substances licence

Consent drink drugs licence license permit

Rates reduction


Resource consent

licence license permit

Responsible dog owner status

animals Dogs

Retail stall license

Consent licence license market permit selling

Small sports events funding


Sports field lighting


Spreydon-Cashmere edible garden award


Street party

bbq event

Street performer licence

busker Consent licence license permit

Strengthening communities funding

Swimsafe education

pool Recreation safe teaching

Temporary use of a road

Consent licence license permit works

Tenders for a contract

contract Council job work

The Christchurch creative communities scheme

Trade or entertain in a public place

Consent fair licence license market permit

Volunteer for Civil Defence

earthquake emergency fire flood Volenteer Volunteer Voluntere

Volunteer for graffiti programme

Volenteer Volunteer Voluntere

Volunteer in a park

Volenteer Volunteer Voluntere

Vounteer at Christchurch Botanic Gardens

gardens Parks trees Volenteer Volunteer Voluntere

Water outage notifications

Wheelie bins at a new property

green organics recycling red Rubbish Waste wheely yellow

Withdraw a building consent

house licence license permit

Youth development funding