Victoria Square, first known as Market Square or Market Place, was the centre of town life until the 1870s.

As a predominantly green space, Victoria Square offers a counterpoint to the largely hard surfaces of Cathedral Square. Victoria Square will continue to be a natural gathering point in the central city.

Its notable landmarks include the Captain James Cook statue, Queen Victoria statue, H. L. Bowker Fountain, and the Victoria Square Poupou. It also features the country's oldest cast iron and stone bridge, now known as the Hamish Hay Bridge.

Victoria Square has always been an important place for people. It has been used as a place to gather, exchange, have a voice, to rest and for events like the Buskers Festival and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

  • Bordered by Armagh Street and Colombo Street
Size and surface
  • 16,153m2
  • Grass and paving
Key features 
  • Victoria Square Poupou
  • Captain James Cook statue
  • Queen Victoria statue
  • H. L. Bowker Fountain
  • Hamish Hay Bridge
  • Three whāriki (welcome) mats – paved designs made to look like a woven mats.
  • A concrete and brass Kanakana table by the river
  • Literary trail – a series of text sculptures
  • Sandblasted illustrations on low wall behind Queen Victoria Statue
  • Floral clock
  • Ship's mast
Suitable for
  • Up to 5000 people
  • Suitable for public events and promotions 
  • No private events
  • Infrastructure: no stakes for marquees or gazebos on grassed areas – weights only
  • Vehicle access: on paved areas only. Access via Armagh and Colombo Streets
Available facilities
  • Power
    • One large power box containing:
      • One 63amp three-phase socket
      • One 32amp single-phase socket
      • Six 15amp single-phase socket
    • Three small power boxes containing:
      • One 32amp single-phase socket
      • Four 15amp single-phase socket
  • Drinking fountains
  • Shared pedestrians/cycle paths
  • Wooden bench seats
  • Picnic tables and seats
  • Litter bins 
  • Lighting – Standard street lighting along pathways.
  • Parking(external link) – Limited street parking
  • Tram stop
  • Mobility friendly