Christchurch Civic Awards

Each year our city benefits from the service of volunteers and others who go above and beyond the call of duty for Christchurch and its people. We recognise these valued contributions with our annual Civic Awards.

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City of Christchurch Civic Awards 2022

Laureates in alphabetical order:

  • Abuel-Guda, Agnes
  • Ardour Charitable Trust
  • Bissell, Eleanor
  • Bye, Kenneth
  • Chinese Culture Association (NZ) Inc, The
  • Clarke, Ted
  • Davies, Joshua
  • Gerrard, Mark
  • Gray, Lucy Alice
  • Miller, Dr. David
  • Modares, Dr. Hero
  • Nye, Bil.
  • Ōnuku Rūnunga
  • Pawlowski, Jacek
  • Project Lyttelton

View the 2022 recipient citations(external link).

The Chair and members of the Civic Awards Subcommittee wish to thank the public for their interest in the Civic Awards and for submitting nominations for consideration.

Nominations for the 2023 Awards will be received from 1 July 2023.


The criteria for judging sets out some guidelines for the Committee and recommends a process for judging that allows for clarity and accountability:

  • Judging panel cannot act as a nominator.
  • The Council, as a body, may not submit nominations, although nominations may be submitted by councillors and community board members as individuals.
  • Each nomination will be judged on its own merit against the following criteria: 
    1. Work of a substantial nature is defined as short-term or long-term projects or activities that have benefited the city in such a way as to have added to the quality of life of the residents. 
    2. Each nomination is considered in the way it benefits the metropolitan area of Christchurch. Metropolitan means the area encompassing the east coast, the boundaries of Selwyn District Council, Waimakariri District Council and Banks Peninsula District Council. 
  • Nominations may be made for individuals and organisations whose work, usually of a voluntary capacity, is considered to have made an impact on the city of Christchurch.
  • No award recipient will be eligible to receive both a Civic Award and a Community Board Award in the same year.

Past recipients

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