This riverfront area is located centrally and a good venue to hold a small, outdoor event.

  • Oxford Terrace, Central City
Size and surface
  • 2230m2
  • Paved surface
Key features 
  • Terraced steps to riverfront – can be used for seating
  • Shared pedestrian/cycle/vehicle lane
  • Tram runs alongside The Terrace
Suitable for
  • Up to 1000 people
  • Suitable for commercial events, public events and promotions
  • No private events
  • Traffic management may be required
  • No vehicle access between 10am and 4pm
Available facilities
  • Power 
    • Six 10amp single phase sockets
    • One 32amp three-phase socket
    • One 16amp three-phase socket
  • Litter bins
  • Limited seating
  • Lighting – Standard street lighting and in-ground spotlights
  • Trams stops
  • Mobility access