Local residents, business and property owners, government agencies, interest groups and members of the Innes-Papanui Community Board have worked together on this master plan to guide the recovery and future development of Edgeware Village.

Edgeware Village

A vision for the future of Edgeware Vilage

 The Master Plan's vision is of a place people enjoy visiting, with:

  • An attractive and compact centre
  • High quality locally-owned shops and restaurants
  • Safe, high amenity, pedestrian-focussed streets.

Edgeware Village is lively and enjoyable, reflecting its past cultural landscape and looking to its future, while caring for people and the environment.

Date Actions
April 2012
Project set up 
Earthquake impacts assessed, scope confirmed and key stakeholders identified.
June 2012
Research, information gathering 
Focus group sessions with key stakeholders and residents held. Key issues and opportunities identified.
July 2012
Design & feasibility testing
Technical expert workshops held. Best ways to address issues and suggestions from the community identified.
August 2012-February 2013
Prepare draft master plan 
Master plan drafted. Endorsed by Community Board. Approved by Council for public notification.
March-April 2013
Public consultation held and 75 submissions received.
May-December 2013
Follow up investigations, revisions 
Submissions analysed. Further investigations as needed. Community Board recommendation not to hear submissions endorsed by Council. Amendments to draft master plan.
December 2013
Edgeware Village Master Plan adopted by Council.
July 2012 onwards
Actions implemented by community and Council (capital projects delivered as funding made available).

The Edgeware Village Master Plan contains a strategic vision to transform Edgeware Village into a thriving shopping centre and community hub, at the heart of St Albans. The vision is supported by five goals, which are to be delivered through sixteen detailed implementation actions.

These encourage Council, private sector, community and government-led decision-making to align and move forward together in a logical sequence.

The associated actions are described in detail in Section 6 of the Edgeware Village Master Plan [PDF, 20 MB].

Edgeware shops and planters

Seating, planter boxes and bicycle stands in Edgeware Village

Key successes to date include:

  • The redevelopment of the supermarket.
  • Repair of the commercial buildings on the corner of Colombo Street and Edgeware Road
  • Redevelopment of the petrol station.
  • Completion of the Papanui Parallel major cycle route, improving connections from the suburbs to the north and south of the centre.
  • New feature lighting for the tree on the corner of Edgeware Road and Cornwall Street.
  • Outside of the Master Plan focus, the wider Edgeware neighbourhood has also seen the redevelopment of the St Albans Community Centre on Colombo Street.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 38 in the Edgeware Village Master Plan [PDF, 20 MB].

  • Under the 2021-31 Long Term Plan (LTP), funding is allocated to deliver ‘streetscape and movement improvements’ (A1) over a two-year period, from 2026/27 and 2027/28.
  • A small fund has also been provided to the Community Board to implement some elements in the street environment in advance of the full implementation of the streetscape upgrade. The feature lighting of the tree is one of these elements. The Community Board are considering further uses for this fund.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 38 in the Edgeware Village Master Plan [PDF, 20 MB].