City Council fees and charges for refuse for 2023/2024.

  • Fees and charges set under section 150 and in accordance with section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.
  • Set under the Special Consultative Procedure.
  • GST inclusive (15%).

Waste charges (Refuse minimisation and disposal)

Item Fee
Council rubbish bags - pack of 5 - CBD collection only $16.50
Recycling bags for the CBD recycling collection user-pays service - pack of 5  $6.65
Wheelie Bins - change size of one bin $97.65
Wheelie Bins - change size of two bins at the same time $110.25

Wheelie Bins - change size of three bins at the same time

This is a one-off fee charged by Council to cover the cost of physical delivery and collection of the bins. Where a standard-size bin has been replaced by a larger bin, this represents an enhanced service which our contractor will charge for on an annual basis for as long as the enhanced service is provided. Invoicing and payment will be between the contractor and the customer, without the Council's involvement.


Opt into kerbside collection for all three services - for non-rateable properties or properties with rates remission

Some properties do not receive a wheelie bin service because they do not pay the Council's Waste Minimisation Rate. These properties may elect to pay for these services separately - properties opting in will be invoiced by the Council annually.


Reinstatement of wheelie bin fees

These fees are only for the reinstatement of bins removed during kerbside auditing. 

Reinstatement of Fee
One bin only $97.65
Two bins at the same time $110.25
Three bins at the same time $122.85