Every year we ask residents how satisfied they are with a range of Council services. Here’s a snapshot of results from this year’s General Service Satisfaction Survey and the series of Point of Contact Satisfaction Surveys.

Results of the 2018–2019 residents survey

The Point of Contact Satisfaction Surveys are a series of surveys targeted at users of Council services and facilities, conducted over a year.  The result percentages are based on individual sample/respondent sizes, which vary for each survey.

The General Service Satisfaction Survey involved telephone interviews with 776 randomly selected residents between March and mid-April 2019. All participants were asked the same questions. 

Overall 62% of people in the General Service Satisfaction Survey are satisfied with our services and delivery.  23% are ‘neutral’ and 15% dissatisfied.

We’ve linked the results to our community outcomes(external link). These set out what we want to achieve for the city – they describe how we want our community to be. The Local Government Act requires all local government organisations to set community outcomes. The outcomes cover all of the Council’s work programmes and services.

What you say we do well

General Service Satisfaction Survey

Walking, cycling-friendly city

Walking 85% satisfied / Cycling 64% satisfied

What we do:  Make Christchurch a safer, healthier and easier place to get around.

Walking friendly city

What you think:  85% think Christchurch is a walking-friendly city and 64% think it is cycling-friendly.

What you say: "The 30k per hour speed makes it good for walking and cycling in the city. That creates a more vibrant and people-centric city."

Community outcomes:  Liveable city, Healthy environment

Kerbside collection

Recycling 88% satisfied / Residual waste 88% satisfied / Organic 84% satisfied

Kerbside collection

What we do: Collect and dispose of much of Christchurch’s waste and encourage recycling.

What you think: People rate the kerbside collection service highly.

What you say: "They are always emptied and good at communicating when they will be a day late due to public holidays."

Community outcomes:  Healthy environment, Prosperous economy

Point of Contact Surveys

First point of contact – friendly, helpful staff

86% satisfied

First point of contact

What we do:  Look after customers and answer their questions.

What you think:  86% think their first contact with us is professional, efficient, easy to use and our staff are friendly and helpful.

What you say: “Very satisfied. Was able to talk to the right person and request was completed.”

Community outcomes: Strong communitiesProsperous economy

Supporting community events

90% satisfied

Community events

What we do:  Support community organisations to develop, promote and deliver community events and arts in Christchurch.

What you think:  90% satisfaction with the service and support received.

What you say: “Excellent support and quick responses. Could not have been better.”

Community outcomes:  Strong communitiesLiveable city


94% satisfied


What we do: Inspire discovery, connect people and enrich communities through our public libraries.

What you think:  94% of library users are satisfied with our services.

What you say: “Great range of books. Great, quiet space. Friendly staff.”

Community outcomes:  Strong communitiesLiveable city

Gardens and Hagley Park

Gardens 96% satisfied / Hagley Park 97% satisfied

Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale

What we do:  Showcase our garden city, attract residents and visitors.

What you think:  96% satisfied with the presentation of Botanic Gardens and Mona Vale and 97% satisfied with Hagley Park. 

What you say: “Great maintenance and upkeep. Great range of gardens and beautifully thought out.“

Community outcomes:  Liveable cityHealth environment

Where you think we could improve

General Service Satisfaction Survey

Wastewater reliability, responsiveness

71% satisfied

Wastewater reliability, responsiveness

What we do:  Maintain wastewater systems that provide a safe and healthy environment through the appropriate treatment and discharge of wastewater.

What you think:  71% satisfaction with the reliability and responsiveness of wastewater services.

What you say:  "Attention to repairs and updating facilities, preventing and stopping discharge."

Community outcomes:  Healthy environment, Prosperous economy

Parking facilities

Ease of use (on-street) 49% satisfied / Safety, security (off-street) 59% satisfied


What we do:  Provide accessible, safe on-street and off-street parking facilities.

What you think:  49% satisfaction with the ease of use for Council on-street parks.  59% satisfied with vehicle security and personal safety at Council off-street facilities.

What you say:  "More and cheaper parking – especially around the central city, hospital."

Community outcomes:  Liveable city, Prosperous economy

Point of Contact Surveys

Resource consenting process

74% satisfied

Resource consenting process

What we do:    Provide information, advice and assistance with consenting processes.

What you think:   74% satisfied with the overall resource consenting process.

What you say:  People want clear and consistent information, faster processing times.

Community outcomes:  Liveable city, Prosperous economy

Supporting recreation, sport delivery

76% satisfied

Recreation and sport

What we do:  Support citizen and partner organisations to develop, promote and deliver recreation and sport in Christchurch.

What you think:  76% are satisfied with our support.

What you say: Organisations want better booking processes and communication with staff.

Community outcomes:  Strong communities, Prosperous economy 

Community parks

67% satisfied

Community Parks

What we do:  Provide local neighbourhood parks for residents to enjoy.

What you think:  67% say they are satisfied with their neighbourhood park.

What you say:  Park users would like more regular maintenance and better upkeep of their local park.

Community outcomes:  Strong communities, Liveable city, Prosperous economy

Communication / marketing

59% satisfied

Communication, marketing

What we do:  Provide a range of information about our services that is timely, relevant, accurate and cost effective.

What you think:  59% satisfaction with when, how and what we communicate to citizens.   

What you say: People want targeted information, outreach to more diverse audiences.

Community outcomes:  Strong communities, Prosperous economy

What you are unsatisfied with

General Service Satisfaction Survey

Council decision making

Small influence 42% satisfied / Some or large influence 34% satisfied

Council decision making

What we do:   Support active democracy by ensuring people and groups have information and opportunities for involvement in Council decision making.

What you think:  Public understanding, participation and influence of Council governance and decision-making is low.

What you say:  "Involving people earlier on and helping them understand the ‘why’ when decisions are made."

Community outcomes:  Strong communities, Prosperous economy

What we’re doing about it:

Consultation on Christchurch’s Draft Annual Plan Opens

Council approves consultation on baches

Council approves licences for Taylor’s Mistake baches

Roads and footpaths

Roads 27% satisfied / Footpaths 41% satisfied

Roads and footpaths

What we do:  Build, maintain and repair streets, roads and footpaths so everyone has safe and easy access to where they need to go.

What you think:   People think the quality of roads and footpaths are areas of concern.

What you say:  “It's the same roadworks getting done over and over again.“

Community outcomes:  Liveable city, Prosperous economy

What we’re doing about it:

What we’re doing to fix roads and footpaths


Reliability 81% satisfied / Responsiveness 60% satisfied / Quality 37% satisfied

Water supply

What we do:  Supply clean drinking water to protect the health of our community.

What you think:  People are satisfied with the reliability and our responsiveness around water supply, however only 37% are satisfied with the quality of the water.

What you say:  “Fix the wells (so) we don’t need to have chlorine in the water. The taste is not as good as it was.”

Community outcomes: Strong communities, Healthy environment, Prosperous economy

What we’re doing about it:

The word on water: Latest on chlorination

City moving closer to chlorine-free water

Stormwater drainage

47% satisfied


What we do:  Protect our natural waterways and stormwater networks by maintaining drainage systems to reduce the flood risk and safeguard public health.

What you think:  47% satisfaction with management of the stormwater drainage network

What you say:  “Need a long-term plan in terms of flood management.”

Community outcomes: Strong communities, Healthy environment, Prosperous economy

What we’re doing about it:

New storage basin aimed at easing flood risk

Heathcote dredging to reduce flood risk

Strong headway in riverbank stabilisation

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