If you have had a low-pressure pump installed on your property since the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes you may be eligible for a rates remission.

As part of the repair of the city’s earthquake-damaged sewerage system, around 6,500 low-pressure pumps were installed on properties around the city to ensure wastewater is effectively flushed to the street mains. The Council will meet the estimated electricity costs being paid by residential property owners for the operation of these pumps.

For single-dwelling properties, this will be done by reducing the annual rate charge by $37.00 including GST. For multiple dwelling properties serviced by a single pump, an additional meter may be installed and the Council will pay the charges directly.

Property owners do not need to apply for this remission as it will be processed automatically as the pumps are installed. 

This remission will not be available for:

  • Land that was vacant prior to 4 September 2010.
  • Pumps that were installed by a property owner prior to 1 July 2013.
  • Subdivisions that occurred after 1 July 2013 or.
  • Properties that are sold after 30 June 2018.