Rates reductions

Rates reductions, remissions, rebates and relief.

Rates rebate: low income earners

You could get a rates reduction as part of the Government's rate rebate scheme, which provides rates assistance to low income earners.


Let us know if you demolish a building, so we can adjust your Rating Value and rates charges.

Rates postponement

Your rates payments may be postponed if payment would create financial hardship.

Maori land rates and rates remission

The Council will remit or postpone rates on Maori Land in some circumstances.

Rates remission: sewer system pumps

If you have had a low pressure pump installed on your property since the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes you may be eligible for a rates remission.

Rates remission: community organisations

Rates remissions may be available to properties owned and used by not-for-profit community or sports organisations.

Earthquake damage

Earthquake rates remissions stopped on 1 July 2017. You need to tell us if your property has un-repaired damage that's likely to affect its Rating Valuation.