Support for alternative housing in the Central City

As the Central City population increases it is important that housing choice meets the diverse needs of a wide range of households.

As part of the Council’s Central City Residential Programme we’re looking at ways to support alternative residential development projects that bring a diversity of housing typologies, tenures and price points (including social and affordable) to the Central City.

What is alternative housing? 

An alternative housing provider delivers housing projects via an alternative approach to the standard market-led, for profit model of housing delivery. Examples include community housing, Papakāinga housing, co-housing and alternative tenure models such as community land trusts, rent to own and shared equity schemes.

We are taking a three-pronged approach to support alternative housing approaches and projects:

  1. Undertaking research and analysis to identify the best alternative housing approaches and providers to deliver choice and diversity, along with potential methods of support.
  2. Promoting alternative housing within the Central City.
  3. Offering ongoing support and advice to alternative housing providers.

If you are interested in pursuing or exploring alternative housing, please email .

We offer the following support:

  • information relevant to general residential and alternative housing development within the Central City
  • design advice and concept plans to facilitate more comprehensive redevelopment of sites (including adjoining sites)
  • information about potential Council financial incentives
  • coordinating and/or connecting alternative housing providers to Council staff, including geotechnical, structural engineering, fire engineering and building consent experts (for their assistance)
  • technical advice and information about potential regulatory and design requirements
  • free advice from our Eco Design Advisor to help you build smarter
  • design review by the independent Christchurch Urban Design Panel

Got a question or want to know more?

If you would like more information about the work the Council is doing to support alternative housing providers and projects, please contact