All licensed premises must have a current Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol). This certifies that the proposed use of the premises (for an alcohol licence) will meet the requirements of the Building Code and Resource Management Act 1991.

Download and complete a Certificate of Compliance form [PDF 61KB].

Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol)

The Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol) informs prospective alcohol licence applicants of any Council requirements or consents they may need to comply with when planning and setting up their proposed business use. This includes any building, planning, or environmental health requirements (e.g. noise) required for the specific type of operation proposed.  

You need to apply for a Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol) if you are opening a new licensed premises or where a change in ownership of an existing business.  Processing times for certificates can take up to five weeks.

It is important that you apply as soon as possible as we cannot accept the filing of your new licence application without the certificate being issued first. Note: We have introduced a new process for applying for these certificates effective from 1 March 2021. We will be having a three-month transition period for applicants to become familiar with the new process, filing timelines and to plan ahead.

You may also be required to apply for an update of your Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol) if you are making changes to your business or building and applying for a variation of conditions on your alcohol licence.

Having this certificate approved first before applying for or making changes to your alcohol licence gives you certainty about what is required for your alcohol licence application and ensures you have the planning and building information you need for your proposed business as you plan for opening the business.

Certificate of compliance fees

The fee for Premises Certificate of Compliance (Alcohol) is $169.30.

Payment of fees

View alcohol licensing fees.

Application fees are non-refundable and must be paid when you apply for your licence. 

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or EFTPOS. We can only process your applications once we have both the proof of payment of fees and the required application form and documents.

Note: As banks are phasing cheques out, we will no longer be able to accept payments by cheque after 30 April 2021. For other payment options please contact a Technical Officer in the Alcohol Licensing Team on 03 941 8999 or

View a summary of this page on the Alcohol licensing fees information sheet. [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Further information

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