To encourage a safe and welcoming environment in our public places there are alcohol bans in certain areas of Christchurch. These help to reduce the negative impacts that drinking alcohol has in some public places.

A list of all current alcohol ban areas is available on the Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018 page.

Bans are made under the Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018. They also provide the Police with an appropriate tool for dealing with the antisocial behaviour caused by drinking alcohol with the overall focus on ensuring our communities are kept safe.

Drinking in public places

You may be able to open a bottle of wine at a picnic, but not in the alcohol ban areas and/or not during the times that may be specified for that alcohol ban area. Some areas only have a limited ban on alcohol.

Outside cafe tables are covered by the alcohol licence for the premises. If the area is a licensed premise under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and is operating within the hours permitted by the licence, drinking at outside tables is allowed.

Requesting a new alcohol ban area

Request for new alcohol ban areas should be made to the Governance Manager or Advisor of the community board for the affected area.

Guide to setting up an alcohol ban [PDF, 87 KB].