The Sumner Village Centre Master Plan presents a vision for the redevelopment of Sumner Village centre as a charming and relaxed beachside village. It was prepared in response to the damage caused to the centre in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Design image of Sumner Village

An artist's impression of Sumner Village Centre.

This is the Council’s first community-led master plan, having been guided and supported by the locally established Joint Advisory Group.

The purpose of the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan is to guide decision–making for private investment and public expenditure.

Since adopting the Master Plan in August 2013, important infrastructure (e.g. rock bunds, roads, pipes, and buildings) has either been repaired or rebuilt. 

Date Actions
June 2011 to February 2012
Project set up 
Earthquake impacts assessed, scope confirmed and key stakeholders identified. Council and community Joint Advisory Group appointed.
April 2012
Research, information gathering 
Focus group sessions with key stakeholders and residents held, which built on the Sumner Urban Design Group’s previous work. Key issues and opportunities identified.
May 2012
Design and feasibility testing
Technical expert workshops held. Best ways to address issues and suggestions from the community identified.
July 2012
Prepare draft master plan 
Master plan drafted. Reviewed by JAG, endorsed by Community Board. Approved by Council for public notification.
August to October 2012
Public consultation held and submissions received.
November 2012 to May 2013
Follow up investigations, revisions 
Submissions analysed. Further investigations as needed. Community Board recommendation to not hear submissions endorsed by Council. Amendments to draft master plan.
August 2013
Sumner Village Centre Master Plan adopted by Council.
September 2013 onwards
Actions implemented by community and Council (capital projects delivered as funding made available).

The Sumner Village Centre Master Plan contains a strategic vision to reflect the community’s aspirations as to how Sumner might look and function in the future.

The vision is supported by eighteen goals, which are to be delivered through twenty-three detailed implementation actions. These encourage Council, private sector, community and government-led decision-making to align and move forward together in a logical sequence.

The vision, goals and actions are described in detail in section 5-8 of the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan [PDF, 7.6 MB].

Key successes to date include:

  • A guide for Sumner was completed in early 2015 to respond to local aspirations to improve design decisions about buildings and landscaping, and to strengthen Sumner’s identity and character. 

Sumner Village Centre Design Guidelines [PDF, 2.4 MB](external link)

  • The new Sumner community centre, library and museum opened in August 2017, following the facility’s demolition from earthquake damage in 2011. A 2016 naming competition selected ‘Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre’ as the new name for the facility, which has received an excellence award in the 2018 Property Council New Zealand Industry Awards. A new off-street car parking facility in Nayland Street has also been developed in conjunction with the centre.
  • A Sumner Master Plan Overlay has been introduced into the District Plan, creating regulatory mechanisms to implement the master plan ideas and concepts.
  • The Council has provided financial support for several transitional projects in Sumner, including the Container Art Project, a sculpture on the Esplanade (Te Ao Marama) and a Bike Fix It stand. Funding has also supported the Sumner Sunday Market and a temporary, relocatable skate ramp.
  • The ‘P1.1’ street upgrade along Marine Parade and Wakefield Ave and through Sumner Village was completed in 2019.

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 34 in the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan [PDF, 7.6 MB].

Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre

Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre

Under the 2021-31 Long Term Plan (LTP), funding is allocated to commence delivery of the following projects from 2030/31:

  • Burgess Street shared space (P1.3.1) & viewing platform (P1.3.2)
  • Marriner streetscape enhancements (P1.4.1)
  • Esplanade open space enhancements (P1.2.3) & viewing platform (P1.4.2)

To view the corresponding master plan actions, go to page 34 in the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan [PDF, 7.6 MB].