The regional parks come alive as students awaken their senses to explore the awe and wonder of the natural world.

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Programme overview

Year level 0 to 2
Curriculum level 1 to 2
Availability Year-round
Times 9.30am to 11.45am, or 12.15pm to 2.30pm
Sites Christchurch Botanic Gardens 
Halswell Quarry Park
Mona Vale
Victoria Park
Spencer Park
The Groynes
Travis Wetland
Local parks by negotiation
Cost  Free
Number of students Maximum of 35

Key concepts

  • Biodiversity in our local spaces.
  • The interdependence of birds, bugs and trees.
  • Taking care of natural areas.
  • Personal responsibility for action.

Lesson description

Children explore the biodiversity of one of our beautiful city parks using all their senses.

They listen to and identify bird calls, hunt for bugs in their natural habitat and get up close and personal feeling and examining the different parts of a tree.

Students will bring all their new knowledge together during a rousing game of Tumbledown Forest where they help protect the forest creatures.

Through these activities, students understand how birds, bugs and trees are all connected.

Learning outcomes

We are learning to:

  • Name at least two of the birds, bugs and/or trees that live in the area.
  • Identify one role birds, bugs and/or trees contribute to their ecosystem.
  • Identify one action they can take in looking after their natural environment.

Key competencies

Using language, symbols and texts

Students will use oral, written, and visual texts to interpret key terms and concepts


Students will use creative, critical and meta-cognitive processes to make sense of their surroundings and the organisms living in their local area

Managing self

Students will be empowered to see themselves as capable learners by engaging with interactive learning activities

Participating and contributing

Students will be encouraged to become involved in their community by considering how they can take responsibility for local green spaces

Relating to others

Students will work collaboratively and supportively to complete tasks

Achievement objectives

Curriculum area Strand and level Objective
Nature of science
Levels 1 and 2
Investigating in science
Communicating in science
Participating and contributing
Living world
Levels 1 and 2
Life processes
Planet Earth and beyond Earth systems
Social Sciences
Tikanga ā-Iwi
Levels 1 and 2 People and places
Roles and responsibilities
Health and Physical Education
Healthy communities and environments
Levels 1 and 2
People and the environment