A committee of the Council completely focused on things that matter to rangatahi/young people

Our next committee meeting

Date: To be confirmed.

Location: Committee Room 1, Level 2, Civic Offices, 53 Hereford Street.

At our last meeting we:

  • Discussed Council’s Learning Through Action civics education programmes.
  • Heard about the future of slow-speed neighbourhoods and provided input to engagement planning.
  • Received a review of the Youth Audit Tool, discussing its future use on Council places and spaces.
  • Summarised the electoral term, and thanked our external youth members for their service to the committee over the last three years.

Background on Te Pae Pīkari

Te Pae Pīkari stands for The Perch of Fledglings, and talks to how this committee is not only focused on the wants and needs of rangatahi/youth but also works from the tuakana–teina learning model.

Tuakana-teina describes the relationship held between a younger and older family member (although it doesn't have to refer to family). The teina/younger person has the tuakana/older person for mentorship and guidance.

However, the opposite relationship is equally as powerful, with the tuakana receiving fresh perspective, energy and creative ideas from their teina.

Through this committee, the Council wants to impart knowledge to the next generation; to lead well, make valuable decisions and encourage active community participation. 

To do this effectively, it is vital that the Council listens to the voices of rangatahi who may be affected by the Council's decisions.  By involving rangatahi in the decision-making process itself, it helps foster mutual understanding and fit-for-purpose outcomes.

How to get involved

Come along

Come along to one of our meetings. They happen every three months from 4.30pm to 6.30pm on a Wednesday. Get in touch to find out when the next meeting is scheduled to be held.

Write in

You can get in touch with Council staff, Councillors, or any of our partner organisations if you have any questions about the committee. We can also field any other thoughts or queries, such as things you might want the committee to focus on in future meetings.

Have a chat

Feel welcome to give us a call at any time, or drop into the Civic Offices of Council, 53 Hereford Street during open hours. We're usually happy to sit down for a casual chat or organise a time to talk more formally about a subject you're passionate about.

Get in touch

Josh Wharton

Email: Joshua.Wharton@ccc.govt.nz

Phone: 027 5368 222

Visit: 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch 8013