Summit Road Proposed prohibited times on road restrictions

Summit Road is a popular recreational area with ecological significance. It is vulnerable to fires as seen recently, and historically with the burning of the Sign of the Bellbird in 2015. It is in the interests of the city to protect this asset.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 10th July 2017 - 25th August 2017

Outcome of the Hearing Panel

A Hearing was held on Thursday 15 February. The Hearing Panel have read all of the submissions and have heard deputations from two residents and two interest groups. Following this, they resolved that: 

The Hearings Panel recommends that the Council:

  1. Does not approve the installation of a Prohibited Times on Road Restriction on Summit Road (Rapaki Road - Gebbies Pass Road) and Worsleys Road (Summit Road - start of the Track).
  2. Requests that the Port Hills Management Plan be advanced as soon as possible recognising that the outcomes and objectives of that Plan may assist in achieving positive outcomes for the Summit Road and other affected roads in the area covered by that Plan.
  3. Requests that a joint briefing on these matters be provided as soon as possible to the affected Community Boards.
  4. Considers a lowering of the speed limit on the Summit Road.
  5. Considers a mechanism that would potentially identify users of the Summit Road for crime prevention purposes.
  6. Notes that the Police are agreeable to assisting with measures to curb anti-social behaviour on the Summit Road.

Decision Making meeting

Submitters will be informed of the details of the Council decision making meeting once the date has been confirmed. 


Consultation Summary

After considering the written submissions received, staff intend to recommend that Council not proceed with the proposal to restrict night time access of vehicles on Summit Road (Rapaki Road - Gebbies Pass Road) and Worsleys Road (Summit Road - start of the Track).

During the consultation period we received 865 submissions – 221 were in support, 99 were in support but had some concerns, and 545 did not support the proposal.

The themes of the submissions included:

 Concerns about the proposal

  • Restricting freedom of movement.
  • A minority ruining it for the majority.
  • Restricts photographers, in particular astronomy and landscape photographers.
  • Restricts visitors to the city seeing the view.
  • That it could drive the problem elsewhere.
  • That it would not be enforced by Police.


  • Restricted access would make it safer for cyclists.
  • It is a safer place for boy racers to use rather than in the city where it is more heavily populated.
  • Concerns about Police not enforcing antisocial behaviour.


  • Comments on bonafide users and visitors.
  • Access for enjoyment of the view.
  • Access for stargazing.
  • It’s a recreation space.


  • Need to keep the hills beautiful.
  • It’s a precious environment.
  • The Port Hills belong to the people.

Alternative solutions

  • Add cameras.
  • Increase policing.
  • Install gates/speed bumps/barriers.
  • Increase the restricted hours.
  • Adjust the hours of restricted access by season.
  • Provide permits for bonafide visitors.