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The future of the Ōpāwaho Lower Heathcote River

The future of the Ōpāwaho Lower Heathcote River

The Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board is developing a plan for the future of the Ōpāwaho Lower Heathcote River. This plan will guide and coordinate activity along the stretch of the river from the Opāwa Bridge to the Estuary.

Plan Change 7: Managing significant indigenous vegetation

We’d like your feedback on a proposed plan change so that it better protects and maintains indigenous vegetation that is likely to be ecologically significant across the district generally as well as within areas of existing pasture on coastal farmland.

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Cranford Street bus lane trial

Peak hour bus priority lanes are going to be installed on Cranford Street between Innes Road and Berwick Street on a trial basis next week. The trial will last for three months.

Ferry Road cycleway trial

We're trialling a new type of cycleway on Ferry Road and lowering the speed to 30 km/h. Slower roads mean a safer way for everyone.