The Duvauchelle wastewater scheme was constructed in 1988. There is currently a project underway to discontinue the discharge of treated wastewater from the plant into the Akaroa Harbour and instead use the treated water to irrigate land.

Current Treatment

Wastewater receives primary and secondary treatment within the plant followed by a UV disinfection process before being discharged through a 1600-metre marine outfall.

Sludge is removed regularly and transported to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Proposed Treatment

By 2029, a scheme to discharge treated wastewater to trees on Christchurch City Council land upslope of the Akaroa Golf Course and to the course itself will be commissioned. The treatment plant will be upgraded so that it can treat water to the high quality necessary for land application.

Resource consent

The main resource consent for Duvauchelle wastewater discharge to the harbour (CRC102952(external link)) expires in 2023.

A new consent is being sought by the project seeking a harbour discharge to 2030. The consent application was lodged in 2022 six months prior to the expiry of the second consent. An end date of 2030 was proposed. The activity of a harbour discharge can continue under the conditions of CRC102952 until the new application is approved or declined.