The old Diamond Harbour Treatment Plant is no longer in service, instead the plant has been replaced by a pump station and all the wastewater is now diverted to the main Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant at Bromley.

The Diamond Harbour wastewater treatment plant treated wastewater from Diamond Harbour, Church Bay and Charteris Bay. It was accessed off Otamuhua Lane and is located below Koromiko Crescent. There is now a pump station in this location to divert all wastewater over to Bromley.

Historical consent monitoring

Resource consent CRC101835 sets out requirements for monitoring treated wastewater and the area receiving the discharge (receiving environment). Samples are taken and analysed on a regular basis. The volume of wastewater leaving the plant is recorded continuously. Together these provide an indication of how the plant is performing and whether there are any potential adverse effects of the discharge on human health or the environment.

Monitoring data is provided in the tables and graphs linked to below:

Annual monitoring reports