Stormwater and drainage

Christchurch's waterways have drainage, ecological, recreational, cultural, heritage and amenity values.

Report a problem with stormwater or drainage

As Christchurch is a very flat area, extended or heavy rainfall can cause parts of the city to flood.

Our stormwater system is being continually maintained and improved to make the city a safer and healthier place to live. The network includes open drains, pipes, pump stations, stopbanks and detention basins, as well as other structures such as the Woolston barrier on the Heathcote River.

Christchurch City Council manages flood capacity within the city's rivers and their tributaries.

Wet weather and flooding

When to get in touch with us, how we respond and what you can do.

Floor levels

Minimum floor levels protect buildings from the risk of flooding.

Stormwater projects

The Land Drainage Recovery Programme aims to restore flood risk to pre-earthquake levels.

Stormwater policies and strategies

Policies and strategies relating to stormwater and drainage.

Stormwater and your property

Drainage plans, guidance and information about stormwater on private property.

Drainage plans for your property

Use our interactive map to see public utility pipelines and waterways.

Industrial stormwater

Apply for an industrial stormwater discharge licence.

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