Guides and booklets about rubbish and recycling.

Top Tips for Wheelie Bin Collection 

5 Top Tips [PDF 1.9 MB]

Kerbside Collection Booklet

English version [PDF 3.2MB]
Arabic version [PDF 2.83 MB]
Chinese version [PDF 3.24 MB]
Korean version [PDF 2.97 MB]
Samoan version [PDF 1.87 MB]
Spanish version [PDF 1.86 MB]
Japanese version [PDF 5.53 MB]
Russian version [PDF 5.75 MB]
Tagalog (Filipino) version [PDF 1.86 MB]
Thai version [PDF 5.53 MB]

Banks Peninsula Collection Guide

Banks Peninsula collection points [PDF 698.92 KB]

Recycling process

The recycling separation process [PDF 5.9 MB]
Recycling plant (Materials Recovery Facility) (video)

Christchurch's Organics plant

Christchurch's organics plant and your green bin kerbside waste [PDF 5.3 MB]
Organics Processing Plant collection process [PDF 1018.16 KB]
Organics Processing Plant production process [PDF 1.29 MB]
Organics processing plant (video)


A guide to worm composting [PDF 331.29 KB]
A guide to garden composting [PDF 3.8 MB]

What you can put in your bins

Yellow BinA4 poster [PDF 1.5 MB], A3 poster [PDF 3.18 MB]
Red BinA4 poster [PDF 1.56 MB], A3 poster [PDF 3.26 MB]
Green BinA4 poster [PDF 1.62 MB], A3 poster [PDF 3.5 MB]

Alternative recycling services

Guide to alternative waste recycling services [PDF  0.76 MB)