This Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Handbook contains conditions applying to activities and conduct in cemeteries within the Christchurch District and for the management of cemeteries owned by, or under the administration, of the Council.

It provides information to assist the smooth running, operation and provision of services in the cemeteries.

The Handbook is to be used in conjunction with the Cemeteries Master Plan. The Master Plan Vision is:

  • To provide direction for the development and management of the cemeteries owned, managed or maintained by the Council for the next 50 years, and
  • The natural, cultural, heritage, landscape and spiritual values are protected and enhanced by the integrated management of these areas as reserves and open spaces, while
  • Māori values and traditions to their ancestral land, water, sites, waahi tapu, fauna and flora, and other taonga are protected and culture enhanced.