New Brighton Pier is currently being repaired, with work expected to be complete in May 2018.

New Brighton Pier

What is being fixed?

The repairs to New Brighton Pier are focused on earthquake damage sustained by the support columns at seabed-level, with additional repairs to cosmetic earthquake damage on the deck and railings.

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Visiting the pier

Part of New Brighton Pier is closed to the public from mid-August 2017 to allow repairs to be carried out.

Contractors have been working since the start of 2017 on repairing the pier’s earthquake-damaged support columns, but have now reached a point in the project where the tides make carrying out the work from the beach impossible.

The original plan to keep the full length of the pier open is no longer safe or feasible, due to the amount of equipment required on the pier.

The closed area is being gradually reduced as the support columns are repaired.