The Council recognises that events play an important part in the city’s wellbeing. We want to encourage event organisers to consider the many benefits of using open spaces and to plan their events using long-term sustainability practices.

Apply for an event permit

Christchurch has a wide range of parks, reserves and other public spaces that can be utilised for a variety of events and activities. However, to manage these resources on behalf of the wider community, those responsible for planning and delivering the event (the event organiser), must apply to the Council for a permit to use the public space (event venue).  

It is advised that all event organisers take a few minutes to read through the event permit guidelines [PDF, 347 KB] and the general terms and conditions for the use of public places.

Please contact us or email  for more information.

When an event permit is required

An event permit is required if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • Is your event or activity on a public space (park or roadway), open to the public, and you are expecting over 150 people?
  • Do you plan to install any type of infrastructure (pop-up tents, marquees, staging, bouncy castle, etc.)?
  • Do you require vehicle access to drop off equipment? 
  • Will food be sold or served at the event?
  • Will any part of your event restrict vehicle or pedestrian traffic on a legal road (streets, roads, cycleways, paths, and city squares)?
  • Will there be any amplified sound? (PA system, sound system, musical instruments, anything going through an amplifier). There are noise restrictions in most areas of Christchurch – you will need to be informed of acceptable levels in the area of your event.
  • Will there be any amusement devices? e.g., Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, Noddy train.

If you are unsure whether you require an event permit or have any questions, please contact 

Required information for events permits

In most cases, detailed information will be required to support your event permit application. This information is needed to ensure:

  • the venue is reserved for your event
  • the venue is appropriate for your event
  • the event will be delivered in a safe manner for all those involved and in attendance
  • the event will not damage or impact on the environment – every event and activity using Council land must return the space in the same condition as it existed prior to the event. 

In addition to requiring a permit to conduct your event on Council land, particular activities and types of infrastructure (marquees, stages, etc.) will also require specific permits from Council.

In general, all events that apply are required to submit the following to support the events application:

More complicated events that have more impact on the public, the park grounds, the traffic and/or the environment might require:

Book a public location or site

Within Christchurch city there are many public open spaces – parks, gardens, promenades, reserves and legal roads that are available to use for an event.

The sites available vary depending on the type of event or activity and due to the sensitive nature of these locations.

Please contact us or email  for advice on the best suited venue to your event.

The event permit approval process

  1. Contact the Events Partnerships and Development team to discuss your event’s needs on 03 941 8999 or .
  2. Fill out our event permit application form, including your site plan and health and safety plan. Please make note of the application processing time on the application, starting at five weeks for a low impact event. 
  3. Once your application has been lodged, you will receive a response within two working days and your event will be allocated to an Events Partnerships and Development advisor who will be your first point of contact throughout the application process and answer questions pertaining to your event.
  4. The Events  Partnerships & Development Advisor will assess your request and let you know as soon as possible whether your event has been booked into the calendar and approved in principle. You will be provided with feedback if your request can't be approved in principle.
  5. If approved in principle, you will receive a confirmation email and a request to provide further information including all the necessary supporting documentation and other approvals, which needs to be submitted.
  6. Depending on the content of your event, we may also seek advice from other stakeholders (which includes other Council departments, Transport for Christchurch and Christchurch Police, among others) at various stages of the application process. If a legal objection to the event is raised, which can't be resolved we will be unable to approve your event.
Applicants should be aware that the city centre events calendar is populated months in advance, so we advise getting in touch as early as possible for advice on availability.

Activity permits – weddings and filming


Bookings are required for wedding ceremonies in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Please contact our Call Centre on 03 941 8999 for more information.

Filming in Christchurch

In 2003, Film NZ officially recognised the Council's support of the film industry by awarding it Film Friendly(external link) status. Filming applicants are required to apply for a filming permit.

Please contact the Events Development team at A minimum of ten business days notice is required for a crew of more than 10 people.

Other activities

Permits might be required for trading and performing in the public places in our city.

Smokefree public places policy

In 2020, the Council introduced the Smokefree and Vapefree Public Places Policy. 

The policy aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Christchurch residents by reducing the prevalence of smoking and vaping by focusing on providing smokefree and vapefree messaging in Council-owned, managed, maintained or controlled outdoor public places and assets. 

We invite all events organisers to promote and plan for a smokefree event using the smokefree events – tips for implementation guidelines [PDF, 2.5 MB].

Equity and access for people

As a leading advocate for all citizens of Christchurch, the Council has responsibilities to advocate for access and equity issues as they relate to people with disabilities. The Council encourages all events organisers to promote and plan for an accessible event using the event accessibility toolkit