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Note that all diameters are internal except for polyethylene pipe.

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Standard application definitions

Stormwater (Gravity) All pipes and fittings on gravity flow sections of the stormwater drainage system.
Wastewater (Gravity) All pipes and fittings on gravity flow sections of the wastewater drainage system.
Wastewater (Pressure) All pipes and fittings on pressure wastewater rising mains from pump stations. Fittings complying with the requirements for this application may be specified for stormwater rising mains also.
Wastewater (PSS) All pipes and fittings transporting wastewater from local pressure sewer system tanks to the discharge point on the gravity network.
Wastewater (Vacuum) All pipes and fittings transporting wastewater from vacuum collector/interceptor pits to the Vacuum Station.
Water Supply (Pressure) All pipes and fittings involved in the potable public water supply system reticulation networks.

Product type definitions for pipe fittings

Adaptor Changes jointing type through the fitting. Adaptors are straight. Reducers and bends can also act as adaptors. Threaded adaptors are separately listed.
Bend Any fitting incorporating a directional change only. Threaded bends are separately listed.
Branch saddle Electrofusion fitting that requires later tapping of the branch connection, using a separate tool.
Connectors Will be progressively changed to couplers then removed.
Coupler Joins similar diameter pipe i.e. does not act as a reducer, by the same jointing method. It is always straight. Gibaults are classified as couplers. Stepped couplers change the external diameter but not the nominal internal diameter. Threaded couplers are separately listed.
Gate valve Valves < 100mm dia
Reducer Changes the nominal internal diameter through the fitting (tapers are included under this product type).
Sluice valve Valves ≥ 100mm dia
Tapping band A mechanical fitting.
Tapping tee Electrofusion fitting that includes the tapping mechanism in the fitting.
Threaded adaptor Has a plastic thread. Component type is either ‘bend’ or ‘straight’.
Threaded transition Has a metal thread. Component type is either ‘bend’ or ‘straight’ and also acts as an adaptor.

Component definitions for pipe fittings

Component usually refers to the end fixing types: flange, socket, spigot, mechanical, mechanical for PE, socket, butt fusion, electrofusion (EF), gibault, threaded male/female (with free nut) combinations e.g. threaded male – electrofusion.

This field may also be used to denote the material to which it is applicable, the manufacturing method or in the case of threaded fittings, straight or bend.

As materials that have been misfiled during the development of this list come up for re-approval, they will be moved to comply with the above definitions.