Authorised water supply installers

Only water supply installers on Council's Authorised Water Supply Installer Register are permitted to undertake water supply related work for Council.

Work that this covers includes:

  • Council water mains contracts (asset renewals and new main assets).
  • Council water submain contracts (asset renewal and new submain assets).
  • Installation of fire services and fire service connections.
  • New subdivision connection and subdivision reticulation works.
  • Connection of any new pump station or reservoir to the Council reticulation.

The following work is specifically excluded:

  • Reactive maintenance work on the existing system.
  • Temporary connections to the water supply system via fire hydrants.
  • New metered water connections.
  • Chlorination of the water supply network. This needs to be done by a council-approved chlorination contractor.

All work carried out needs to comply with the standards set out in Council's Construction Standard Specifications and all materials need to be on Council's approved materials list.

Each water supply reticulation work site is required to have an authorised installer working permanently on site who controls the work.

Authorised water supply installer register

The authorised water supply installer register [PDF, 49 KB] has been established to make sure that the individual controlling the work at a work site is aware of the hygiene, work standards, and Council standards and procedures to be followed.

Authorised drainlayers need to be suitably experienced individual workers who have relevant experience and skills and are familiar with Council's requirements, specifications, and the authorised water supply installer terms and conditions [PDF, 66 KB].

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