Authorised drainlayers

Only drainlayers who are authorised under our Authorised Drainlayer Scheme are allowed to do drainage work for Council.

This work includes:

  • Construction of connections to public drains for new private drains.
  • Construction of public drains in roads (including subdivision drainage pipe work that is to be vested in Council ownership).
  • Renewal of public drains.
  • Diversion of public drains around proposed building works.
  • Repair of private drains in roads.
  • Installation of pressure sewer systems (including pressure sewer tanks, boundary kit and downstream reticulation).
  • Installation of vacuum sewer systems (including vacuum sewer pits and downstream vacuum reticulation).

All work carried out must conform to the standards set out in the Council's Construction Standard Specifications and all materials used must be approved and acceptable to Council.

Each drainage work site is required to have a Council authorised drainlayer working permanently on site who controls the work.  

Register of authorised drainlayers

The authorised drainlayer register [PDF, 70 KB] has been established to ensure that the drainlayers carrying out such work are aware of the standards and procedures required.

Authorised drainlayers need to be suitably experienced individual workers who have relevant experience and skills and are familiar with Council's requirements, specifications, and the authorised drainlayer terms and conditions [PDF, 49 KB].

Apply to be an authorised drainlayer

Requirements for becoming an authorised drainlayer, and details of how to apply.

Notice of work (drainlayers)

48 hours notice must be given before work starts on site.

Best practice trenching guidelines

Best practice guidelines for trench support, dewatering and wastewater overpumping.

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